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Do You Remember "Sport About"?

Visiting a former player: Bobby Stewart



From Janet Wood: Thought I'd share two pictures we took today with an old ball player friend, Bobby Stewart, that Marty Topper, Dick and I visited today.  We all played on Sport About "back in the day".

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Thursday, October 3rd

Carlsbad Inn 18 Cultura 15

Paper, paper, read all about it! Carlsbad Inn searching for a pitcher who can hit! It was a seesaw battle to be sure. CBI came out with guns blazing, scoring 5 runs in their first at bat. Not to be out done, Cultura came right back with 5 of their own. From that point on, the seesaw was rocking back and forth until the score keeper almost lost her lunch! Fortunately, she hadn’t had lunch yet! It came right down to the last at bat for the Cultura bunch, behind by 3 runs, all they needed was a four-run inning for a walk off victory! Well, the CBI pitcher, the guy that can’t hit, backed by an incredible defense, shut Cultura down with a catch ‘n’ out and throw-em out double play to end the game! Highlights included a 4/4 day by Bob “pitch me the ball” Porter, which included a home run. Mark Turnlund also homered for Cultura. CBI hitting was bolstered by a 5/5 day at the plate by Rick Skidmore and David Bentley, plus a newsreel worthy 3rd base line-hugging line drive by Donna Engleman. But it wouldn’t have been a game without the hitting and fielding of Al “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Cabacungan, back from the injured reserve list. Al covered the space from first to second like a pro, sometimes even rolling from first to second just to prove that he could do it! CBI is proud to welcome newcomer Jeff Arredondo to its lineup. 

Nucci's 23 Solana Spa 10

Nucci’s hitters really stepped up today, as the team scored five runs in the first inning on no outs, and then followed up with five runs in the next two innings to take a 15-0 lead over Solana Spa. NU also scored five runs in the 5th on the way to a 23-10 victory. Leading the way today was Dave Ash, who celebrated his birthday by going 4 for 4 with two home runs and 5 RBIs. Dave Koch went 4 for 4 with a home run and Pete Penseyres also went 4 for 4. Don Schempp, Dwayne Zon, Leigh Peterson, Steve Sexton and Barbie McCully all went 3 for 4. The hitting attack was broad based, as everyone on the team had at least one hit. Pablo Shook and Lil Keehan did a great job pitching to hold the SS hitters in check. The defense was solid all around, with the infield contributing several double plays. Dave Ash, playing shortstop today, caught two hard line drives and made a spectacular backhand stop and throw to second to get the runner. Leading the SS hitters were Ken McGehee and Rick Kamien, who both went 3 for 3 with a double.

Draft 18 Pizza Port Brewery 10

This was a game between two teams fighting to get out of the bottom of the standings and only one team can prevail.  Today it was The Draft that came out on top.  PPB held the lead until the 4th inning and though they tried with two 5 run innings, they were never able to take and retain command of the game.  The game went into the bottom of the eighth with a 18 – 10 lead by The Draft.  PPB asked for a flip and The DR agreed.  PPB came up with their power hitters but The Draft was able to maintain status quo and held on for the win.  Thanks go out to Oscar Castillo for helping the shorthanded DR.  Also thanks to PPB for loaning the short-handed DR some players.  For The Draft, Marty Fenlon and Gary Soper hit 4/4, Greg Lorton, “Bart” Bartholomew and Rick Shaw went 3/4.  For PPB, Roney Lewis hit 3/3 and Eddie Gilette went 3/4.  Finally, our good wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Jim (Donna Lorek’s dad) who was overcome by heat, thirst or other ailment at the park and was taken to the hospital by a “red chauffer driven vehicle” to be given proper medical care.

Village Pie 14 That Pizza Place 3

VPS took a 5-2 lead after one inning and with excellent defense behind pitcher Pete Zavala, and timely hitting, they pulled away for the win.  VPS welcomed Bob Buscher back as he had two doubles and a triple.  Pete Zavala legged out a triple as well.  HOME TEAM TPP gives a big thank you to Mike Weinreich of Pizza Port.  Mike arrived early at Alga 2 and set up the field, bases, cones, etc. He then left for his game at Calavera 2.  What a Guy!

Bye Team: Plotkin Group

Tuesday October 1st

That Pizza Plce 14 Carlsbad Inn 10

Defense was the name of the game this morning at Calavera. For CBI, super sub Gary Soper made several outstanding catches in left field. For TPP, pitcher Barry Anderson made an unassisted double play to kill a CBI rally at the beginning of the game. And in the last 2 innings, right fielder Evie Schwartz made 2 clutch catches, and Johnny Brand, George Mahler, and Marlene Hill one each to preserve TPP's 14 to 10 victory. Thanks to Gary and Jimmy Martin for subbing for CBI, and to Bill Garner for subbing for TPP. Also, thanks to Gene LaChimia for umping. Lastly, thanks to CBI manager Tony Sando for helping to set up the field even though CBI was the visiting team.  

Plotkin Grp 22 Village Pie Shop 6

After all the hot weather we have experienced this season, this game at Alga was played under nearly perfect conditions. It was certainly agreeable to the Plotkin Group, who had their most complete lineup and game of the year. There were no home runs for PG, but lots of balls found holes for hits with everyone contributing at least one hit for a team on-base percent of .804. Probably more important to the victory was a defense that seemed to run down and catch every hard hit ball by the VPS batters. The only exception was a homer by Skip Moyer. Thanks to Al Cabacungan for a fine job of umpiring.

Solana Spa 18 Pizza Port 11

Pine Field: For Solana Spa, standouts were Home runs by Chuck Dodd and David Bosque.  Perfect at bats for David Ward and Ken McGehee.  For Pizza Port Gary McBride hit a home run.

Cultura 15 Nucci’s 7

Nucci’s hosted Cultura today at Alga 3. The game was well played defensively by both teams. The difference was some timely well placed hitting for Cultura. Leading the way for Cultura was Bob Porter, 4 for 4 and a home run, Brian Turner also was 4 for 4. For Nucci’s, Dave Koch was 4 for 4 and Dave Ash slugged a home run. Thank you to Rick Shaw for calling balls and strikes.

Bye Team: The Draft


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