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Tuesday August 20

Village Pie Shop 13 Pizza Port 12

  PPB had an early 3-0 lead in the 3rd inning before the VPS bats came alive to go up 5-3.  PPB scored one in the 4th and one in the 7th while VPS gradually increased the lead to 11-5 as the teams entered the 8th inning.  PPB then heated up scoring 5 runs to trail 11-10 going into the 9th inning.  PPB score 2 runs on a Gary McBride two run homer and lead 12-11 as the Pie Shoppe came to bat in the bottom of the 9th.  A pop up and fielder's choice put VPS in the hole.  However, Bob Buscher singled placing runners on first and third.  Skip Moyer hit one in the hole between short and third that Gary McBride got to but couldn't make a play and the tying run scored.  Phil Heinz followed with the game winner, an opposite field hit down the left field line.  Mark Forster homered, Jeff Gorman was 3 for 3 to lead VPS.  For PPB,  Eddie Gillette was 4-5 and Frank Bravo 3-4.

Nucci’s 15 vs That Pizza Place 14

  A tight game today between Nucci's and TPP. TPP scored one run in the first inning and held Nucci's to zero. TPP defense held Nucci' s scoreless until the 4th inning when Dan Miserany (sub for Nucci's) hit a home run to bring in the first run for Nucci's.  Dave Ash, Don Schempp, and Dwayne Zon all hit doubles with Leigh Peterson at bat bringing in two runs. In the 6th inning with Dan Miserany on base, Pete Penseyres hit a home run to center field to bring in two runs. With runners on base Jeff Jacobs (Sub) had a hit to bring in two more runs ending that inning 7-5

Holding TPP to one run in the 7th Nucci's in the 8th had six singles and scored 5 runs to take the lead 12-10. Greg Newman started the 9th inning off with a single followed by Steve Sexton, Barbie McCully, Pablo Shook and Lil Keehan all with singles to score three runs.  At the top of the 9th Nucci's had 15 runs.  TPP fought back scoring 4 runs to end the game giving Nucci's the one run lead. For Nucci's: Dave Ash and Leigh Peterson were 4/4  Dan Miserany was 4/5

For TPP, Mike Martelli was 5/5 and Scott Tatum was 4/4 with a sac fly. Thanks to Nucci's subs: Dan Miserany, Jeff Jacobs, and to Dan Griffin for subbing for TPP. Welcome Back to Steve Sexton from his injury.

Plotkin Group 22 Cultura 18

  This game was a real barn burner at the big field at Calavera 3. No homers over the fence, but CU's Bob Porter sent two of them to the right field fence and PG's speedy Kevin Armentano legged out a drive to shallow center for another. Lots of other hits with Bob Porter and Al Galaviz going 4 for 4 for CU and Oscar Castillo and Dick Wood going 5 for 5 for PG. All but two on PG's lineup had at least three hits. A big thanks to PG's two subs with David Bentlley going 4 for 5 with 6 RBIs and Barb Pardo going 3 for 5 and making several outstanding plays at catcher. PG jumped out to a 9 to 4 lead after two innings, but CU got it close in the 4th and it remained only two runs apart for the rest of the game, with CU finally grabbing the lead in the 7th. Each team scored one run in the 8th, but then PG batted around in the top of the 9th, scoring 7 runs with a little help from the CU defense, and shut out CU in the bottom half for the 22 to 18 victory.

Solana Spa 22 The Draft 21

  What a great day for a game although it got a little hot at times.  There was a lot of chirping but no birds in sight.  There was a lot of barking but not a dog to be found.  Even with all the chirping and barking, Team Purple did something for the first time all season – came from behind to win a game.  In fact, The Draft was flexing its lead of 20 – 12 going into the bottom of the eight.  Team Purple scored eight to tie it after eight.  The Draft scored 1 in the ninth but that was one run too little as Team Purple scored 2 to win by 1 run.  Offensive stars for The Draft included Greg Lorton and Gene LaChimia who both went 5-5.  Home Runs were also plentiful for the Draft with Bill Garner, Ernie Martinez, Gene LaChimia and Jimmy Martin all getting round-trippers.  For Team Purple, perfect days of 4-4 for David Ward, t-Bone with 2 triples and Steve Newberg with a double.  John Quigley went 3-4 with a home run.  Hey everybody - Bark Less - Wag More!

Bye Team: Carlsbad Inn

Thursday, August 22

Pizza Port 22 Carlsbad Inn 16

         After losing 4 games in a row (3 by one run), new PP Manager Rony Lewis shook up the line up both offensively and defensively. Players were asking each other, did he throw darts, did he draw names out of a hat??? Whatever, however it seemed to work, as PP led the entire game. One of the first orders of business was to try and defend 90 year old Bill Laird. Using three different schemes, they kept Bill off the paths. One scheme had Vicki Asavalo come and pitch just to Bill. She struck him out, to preserve her 0.00 ERA, for the season!! Lewis moved himself from rover to right center, where he made numerous outstanding catches. Pizza Port was led offensively by Eddie Gillette, Gary McBride, Dave Irwine and Bob Peters each with 4 hits. Recording 3 hits each, were Mike Weinrich, Rony Lewis, Hugh O'Neil and Bob Blakely who also added a Home Run. CBI offense was led by Vern Blough, David Bentley and Mitch Anderson with 4 hits each. Manager Tony Sando had a 180 degree at bat. After striking out Tony came back his next at bat and ripped a ball that I think is still rolling:-) Thanks to Steve Sexton for subbing and Tom Winterbourne for umping.

Cultura 15 - Village Pie Shoppe 14 (10 innings)

 Webster’s defines a squeaker as “a game won by a small margin..” And such was the contest between Cultura and The Village Pie Shoppe with Cultura edging out VPS in 10 innings by the score of 15-14. The winning run was knocked in by recent acquisition Paul Thomas, who, playing with a new pair of shoes (maybe it was the shoes?), punched a single into centerfield to score Bob Porter and bring to a close a very well-played game by both teams. In the bottom of the 9th, Cultura was down by a run but scored on a two out single by Al Galaviz to tie the score and send it into extra innings.  The score was either tied or one team was ahead by 1 run in seven of the nine innings. Bob Porter continued his home run streak and was joined by Mark Turnlund (2 HRs and 5-5) and Brian Turner. Randy Benge also made a phenomenal backhanded catch (ask anyone at the game) of a texas leaguer to save a run. Donato Domaguin homered for VPS. Of note, however, is the sportsmanship and true spirit of this league, by managers of both teams in the last two games played by Cultura, in which runners in this game failed to run through the run-through line and were called out by their own managers and in the previous game (Cultura v Plotkin), reversal of two close plays called safe where both managers agreed that their runners were out and reversed the calls made by their teammates..   

That Pizza Place 9 Solana Spa 7

Defense was the name of the game today at a match between first place Solana Spa and 4th place That Pizza Place. SS threw out 5 (that's right, 5!!!) TPP runners going for extra bases. That kept the game very close, with the game tied at 7 going into the 8th. But after TPP scored 2 runs in the top if the 8th, the play of the game occured in the bottom of the 9th with TPP leading 9-7 and 2 runners on base and 2 outs and the top of SS order at bat: Evie Schwartz at 2B for TPP went to the ground to block a hard liner that would have scored the tying run, and then she recovered quickly enough to throw the batter out for the last out of the game. For TPP, Johnny Brand went 4 for 4 with a homer and both Scott Tatum and Dave Granum had 3 hits. Thanks to Dwayne Zon for filling in for TPP.

Draft 15  Plotkin Group 11

On this beautiful day, both teams hoped to put a “W” in the win column but it was The Draft that accomplished this goal.  PG came with determined bats and gloves as evidenced by their fine hitting, fielding and stellar pitching by pitching professor Janet Wood.  PG bats were highlighted by four home runs; by JJ (Shoeless Jackson; [you had to be there to see his fashion statement with blue masking tape around his shoes]), Oscar Castillo (3 for 4), Jerry Galiley and Carlos Cevallos (4 for 4).  Not to be outdone, The Draft scored five runs in the first inning and never gave up the lead throughout the game.  The Draft was highlighted by fine pitching from the pitching machine; Jimmie Martin and good defense behind him plus at the plate came home runs off the bats of Ernie Martinez (three for four), Gary Soper and Gene LaChimia (4/4).  Dave Grull hit four for four and Rick Shaw was three for four on the day.  Thanks for an enjoyable game.

Bye Team: Nucci’s

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