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Tuesday July 23

Carlsbad Inn 19 That Pizza Place 19

      At a matchup between Carlsbad Inn and That Pizza Place at Alga 3, both teams won! It was about 300 degrees at the start of today's game, and then it got hotter. But despite the sun and the heat and the humidity, both teams wanted to go the full 9 innings. Both teams came out hitting and CBI led 9-8 after 2. Then TPP jumped to a 14-12 lead after 4. By this time, both teams were starting to really feel the heat, but CBI scored 5 in the 5th and 1 in the 6th to lead 18-14 going into the bottom of the 6th. TPP then scored 4 to tie the game after 6 innings. CBI had started the game with only 10 players, including loaners Jimmie Martin and Gary Soper, but then the heat got to Don Agostino and CBI was down to 9. So cooler heads prevailed, and the managers decided to end the game after 7 innings. CBI scored one run in the top of the 7th, but TPP managed to tie the score in the bottom of the 7th, and that was that. Every player on both teams breathed a sigh of relief at not having to play yet another inning. For CBI, Jeff Jacobs was 5 for 5 with a homer and now is 16-16 to start the year; Rick Skidmore was 5 for 5 and Tony Sando 4 for 4 with a sac fly. Wally Wallace, Mike Martelli, and John Cellini had 4 hits each for TPP, and loaner Gene Lachimia drove in 5 runs.   

Village Pie 20 Plotkin Group 10

VPS became the last team to enter the win column and they did it playing their best all around game of the short season.  Tied 5-5 after two innings, VPS gradually stretched the lead to 15-5 after 6 innings then 20-8 entering the 8th.  Gary Linder, Skip Moyer, and Jeff Gorman were all 5 for 5.  Mark Forster and Donato Dominguin were 4 for 5.  Sub Ernie Martinez cleared the left centerfield fence at Calavera for a HR.  Rich Berkley was the hitting star for Plotkin going 4 for 4.  Thanks to Ernie and Jonnie Johnson for helping out VPS.  Thanks to Rick Shaw for another fine job umpiring.

Solana Spa 14 Pizza Port 13

   What a barn burner today over at the upper field on Alga.  It was so hot today that t-Bone claimed to see a squirrel picking up nuts with a pot holder.  Now that’s pretty darned hot!  This really was a see-saw affair. And after five it was Ocho-Ocho.  That’s 8-8 for the non-subscribers of uni-vision.  But after six it was PPT ocho and Spa 13.  Then PPT started crawling back from the dead and tied it up at 13.  Solana won in the bottom frame with a spectacular liner to right off the bat of Joe Maher.  Here’s the good-the bad and the ugly – For the Pizza Port Brewers Rony Lewis a perfect 5 – 5 with a homer, Mike Weinrich and Eddie(right-side) Gillette 4- 5.  Sub Bob Fell (THANK YOU) a HR.  2 Nice catches by speedy Dave Irwine in left center.  For the spa – not a great day at the office hitting.  One hitting star was David Ward at 4 – 5 with a HR.  Chuck Dodd also went 4 - 5.   Now the ugly – and I mean ugly.  t-Bone up wearing his very orange socks with the bases jacked in the fifth – pop-up to Rony Lewis to end the inning.  Oh t-Bone – when would you like to take batting lessons?  Or is it patience lessons?  Geesh!

Nucci's 20 Cultura 7

         Nucci’s played a very solid game today, both offensively and defensively, with a 20-7 victory over Cultura at Pine. CUL scored three in the top of the first, but NU came back to score five in the bottom of the inning and maintained the lead for the rest of the game. Pete Penseyres continued his strong hitting this season, going 4 for 4 to lead all hitters. Dwayne Zon went 3 for 3 with a sacrifice fly, Dave Koch went 3 for 4 with a home run, and Dave Ash, Don Schempp, Leigh Peterson, and Steve Sexton all went 3 for 4. Greg Newman played first base in his initial game for NU this season, and this new infield played well together, turning two double plays. The outfield was well positioned today, and no ball was hit over anyone’s head. On a ball hit to right center, Dave Ash made a strong throw to get the runner at first base. Lil Keehan and Pablo Shook did another fine job of pitching and certainly didn’t mind that several of the top CUL hitters were not playing today. Leading the hitting for CUL was Chuck Sutherland, who went 4 for 4 and Phil Heinz, who went 3 for 4.

Bye Team: The Draft​

Thursday July 25

Carlsbad Inn 26 Cultura 12

     It was 2 to 2 after 2 innings and then the CBI bats came alive. Every player on CBI had at least 2 hits with David Bentley and Mitch Anderson both going 5 for 5. Several of the big hitting Culturians were missing but Al Galaviz, Steve Berry and Lucky Bishop all contributed 4 hits in their absence. Jerry Duprez made several nice plays at rover with a couple of nice flips to a running David Bentley. I didn't know that David could jump like that and I'm pretty sure that Jerry was closer to 2nd than David was on one of those tosses. Barbara Pardo continued her fine play with a nice catch in right field. Thanks to Oscar Castillo for helping out Cultura and Ray Kusmer and Dick Wood for helping out CBI. Dick was on fire going 4 for 5 with 2 doubles. But the hit that everyone will remember is the one that landed somewhere between 1 and 2 feet from home plate sitting exactly on the line. Thanks to the Cultura team for providing a catcher.

Solana Spa 29 Nucci 25

   Very humid day on the turf at Pine Park.  After the second inning it was Team Purple leading in a tight game by one run 3 – 2.  Team Purple was never behind after the second scoring 5 in the 3rd, 5 in the 4th, 4 in the 5th, 5 in the 6th, 5 in the 7th and a mere 2 in the eighth.  Everyone up-and-down the lineup for Team Purple hit well.  Notable hitters were David Ward 5 – 5 with 2 Home runs.  Ray O’Toole – The Birthday Boy – went 5 – 5 with 1 home run.  John Quigley went 4 – 4.  Many more with 4-5 days like Steve Newberg with a home run and Margo Jacobo who played a solid defense as well.  Also 4-5 were Rich Keefer and Joe Maher.  On the Nucci side there was Dave Koch at a perfect 5-5.  Pete Penseyres, Leigh Peterson, Dwayne Zon and Greg Newman for all 4-5.  Best play of the game was Barbie McCully going back and getting a long fly ball to right.  Thanks to Jerry Galily for filling in on Team Purple.

The Draft 19 Pizza Port 8

   In a shortened seven inning game today due to the heat and humidity, both teams brought their “A” games determined to win.  Since there can only be one winner of a game, today The Draft prevailed.  With a .617 OBP, The Draft scored in all but two innings to send 19 runners across the home scoring line.  Good defensive performances by The Draft helped maintain the lead throughout the game but it was the DR bats that put a “W” in the win column.  Joe Itson and Jimmie Martin hit 4/4.  Dave Grull, Bill Garner, Greg Lorton and Rick Shaw hit three for four.  Home runs were abound today as well; Bill Garner, Jimmie Martin and Gene La Chimia (breaking out of a self-proclaimed slump) each slugged a home run.  Rick Shaw slugged two long balls to contribute to a team win.  PPB demonstrated some good defense and offense but it wasn’t enough to catch up to The Draft.

That Pizza Place 18 Village Pie 14

  Both Village Pie and That Pizza Place were short a player for today's game: Ron Silverman filled in for VPS, and Kevin Armentano was a very last-minute--called 2 hours before game time--fill in for TPP. And they were both needed as the heat and humidity took its toll as the game wore on. VPS jumped to an early 5-1 lead, but TPP tied the score on the 4th, took the lead in the 5th, and never gave it up. For VPS, Skip Moyer was 5 for 5 and both Mark Forster and Pete Zavala were 4 for 5. For TPP, both Kevin and John Cellini were 4 for 4, Johnny Brand was 4 for 5, and Mike Martelli and Dave Granum had homers.

Bye Team: Plotkin Group​

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