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Ron Cipriano

Bill Swink has informed us of the passing of Ron Cipriano. He was active in our league for a long time, and made positive impressions on many still in this league. If you have any memories of Ron you would like to share, please send them to us. (Click here.)

Thursday, August 29

Cultura 18 Carlsbad Inn 6

DEE- FENSE; DEE-FENSE yelled the 4 spectators watching Cultura playing Carlsbad Inn. And Cultura responded, handily defeating CI 18-6. Starting with another over the shoulder catch by Bob Porter and ending with a double play, Cultura again demonstrated that playing an almost flawless defense will always carry the day. Not that Carlsbad did not get its share of hits, led by David Bentley’s 4-4 and 4 players going 3-4, but when Cultura needed to make a stop, it did. Starting the season at 1-6 and now 6-1 in its last 7 games to even its record, Cultura fielded its full 15 person squad for the first time this season as Manager Randy Benge was able to skillfully realign the defense to ensure that all players met the 4 inning minimum playing requirement  - a job most closely related to herding cats. In addition, Randy made a slick (Tatis/Seager- take your pick) backhanded fielding play in the hole to throw out a runner at first. Don Byrne came off of the IL after 13 games and played a sound second base with Al Galaviz. Bill Kutzner continued his hot hitting (4-4) as did Al G (4-4) and Steve B (3-3). Harry P and Steve B split mound duties. JJ (Jesse Jackson) subbed in for an ailing Vern Blough. Get well soon Vern.

Solana Spa 19 Nucci's 15

A very exciting back-and-forth game today at Calavera 2.  Hitting stars for Nucci were Dave Ash and Marty Topper both going 4-4.  Team Purple, not to be outdone had some perfect hitters as well.  Joe Maher, John Quigley and Steve Newberg all had perfect plate appearances.  Special thanks to Jon “The Mighty” Quinn and Al C. for umpiring a very mellow, “UN-APPEALED” game. Also, Nucci’s thanks Carlos Cevallos for filling in.

Draft 27 Pizza Port 22

Home runs abound was the theme of our game today.  For PPB, Roney Lewis, Dave Erwine and Frank Bravo each cleared the bases with home runs.  Roney Lewis and Dave Erwine hit 5/5.  Hugh O’Neil and hit 4/4 and Frank Bravo went 3/4.  But it was the DR batters at the plate that contributed to this win today slugging a team OBP on the day of .712.  Home runs came off the bats of Dave Grull, Rick Shaw, Greg Lorton and Lou Chartz.  5/5 hitting performances by Dave Grull, Bill Garner and Rick Shaw also helped put a “W” in the win column.  Rounding out the day at the plate were Joe Itson who went 4/4 and the bossman, Jimmie Martin went 3/4.  Finally, Rick Shaw hit for the cycle with a very active bat sending the ball strategically all over the field.  Thanks to Ray Kusmer for helping out a short-handed PPB.

That Pizza Place 12 Village Pie Shop 9

Defense seems to matter more in Senior Softball than offense. Sure, in every game there are players who do especially well. For example, in today's game for VPS, Ship Moyer and Jeff Gorman went 4 for 4 and Mark Forster hit a long home run; and for TPP, Mike Martelli, Scott Tatum, Dave Granum, Bob Blachford, Wally Wallace, and Neil Cohen all had 3 hits, with one of Bob's being a homer. But the defensive plays seem to determine the outcome of the game more than the offensive ones. For VPS, good defensive plays by Marlon Moore, Bob Buscher, and Donato Domaquin kept TPP's offense in check. And for TPP, Rover Johnny Brand, and Shortstop John Cellini nabbed several liners that had they gotten through could have changed the outcome. As it was, TPP scored 5 runs in the first and held onto a lead for the entire game although VPS narrowed it to just a run going into the 9th. Thanks to Jim Giovinazo for an excellent job of umpiring.  

Bye Team: Plotkin Group

Tuesday August 27

Carlsbad Inn 19 That Pizza Place 18

The score was 19 to 18 but it was a real pitching duel between the Andersons. Barry and Mitch were both able to keep their earned run averages at 2.5. Dan Griffin was 4 for 5 with an inside the park home-run for CBI while Captain Tony Sando and Gary Soper both had 5 for 5 days. Dan Miserany made TPP miserable with his 5 for 5 day that included a double and triple. Barry thanks Gene LaChimia for helping TPP and Tony thanks Gary Soper. Carlsbad Inn welcomes back Donna Engleman from her work at Yosemite Park. Any guesses as to star of the game? It was a close game all day long and it was hot (temperatures were rising). TPP was down by 3 going into the top of the 9th and scored 3 runs to tie the game. Tie game, bottom of the 9th with 1 out and runners at 2nd and 3rd, Barbara Pardo steps up and smashes a single to center, game over. 

Plotkin Group 16 Village Pie Shop 14

In the battle of the cellar dwellers at Alga today, Plotkin Group held off the Village Pie Shoppe by a score of 16 to 14 to escape the cellar. It was truly a team win with everyone on PG having at least one hit, and everyone scoring or driving in a run. Leading the way was Oscar Castillo going 5 for 5 with a homer and 3 RBIs, Dick Wood 4 for 4 with 2 RBIs and Steve D'Agostino 3 for 4 with a homer and 3 RBIs. Despite the high score there was a lot of good defensive plays by both teams in a close game throughout. Leading the offense for VPS was new player Philip Heinz going 4 for4 at the top of the lineup and Bob Baptista and his runner from home Sheree Atkinson also going 4 for 4. PG had a seven run lead going into the bottom of the 9th when VPS staged a rally started by Donato Domaguin's two run homer followed by three more runs before PG pitcher Janet Wood caught a popup to end the game with the tying run on base.

Solana Spa 19 Pizza Port 17

Team Purple started out scoring 4 in the first and never trailed in the game.  Really the last inning was the most exciting.  Team Purple was leading 19 to 10 in the ninth and Pizza Port scored 7 while Team Purple took a nap.  Final was 19-17.  Only 1 player on the purple team was perfect and that was Steve Newberg 4-4 with a homerun.  On the other side, Pizza Port had many great hitters with Gary McBride hitting a bases loaded Gram Salami in the bottom of the ninth.  Rony Lewis also contributed in the bottom of the ninth with a triple and he also went 4-5.  Dave Erwine had a perfect day at 5-5 and Bob Blakely was 4 – 5.  Special thanks to Jon Quinn and Jimmie Martin for an excellent job umpiring.

Cultura 16 Nucci's 10

(With apologies to Kenny Rogers and The First Edition) “we woke up this morning with the sun shining in” and off we went to Alga Park for another senior softball game in paradise “to see what condition our condition was in.” For Cultura, it was probably their best game of the season both offensively and defensively as they defeated a scrappy Nucci’s by the score of 16 -10. Although Cultura had a comfortable lead most of the game, Nucci’s narrowed the gap to 12-10 by scoring 6 in the 8th inning. In the bottom of the 8th, however, Cultura scored 4 insurance runs and shut out Nucci’s in the 9th.

Offensively, Cultura was led by Bill Kutzner’s 2 HRs and perfect day at the plate. A HR by Mark Turnlund and a 4-4 day at the plate by Al Galaviz. Nucci’s was led by Dave Ash's HR and a 4-4 day by Don Schempp. Defensively, Cultura looked very sharp, executing 3, maybe 4 DP,s and chasing down some long flies in the outfield. Of particular note was a shoe top catch by Brian Turner, an over the shoulder grab by Bob Porter in the outfield and the play of Harry Peacock at third with his patented one hop throws to first base (as well as a 2-3 day at the plate). OK. Manny Machado he ain’t (who is?), but when it comes to accuracy, his throws are on the money.

Rick Shaw provided umpiring duties without a single argument.

Bye Team: The Draft

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