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Thursday, September 19th

Solana Spa 12 Carlsbad Inn 11

Pine Park - Solana Spa had 3 players going 3-4; David Ward, Lucky Bishop and John Quigley.  Carlsbad Inn had two perfect hitters going 4-4; David Bentley and Mitch Anderson.  Thanks to Skip Moyer and Jeff Gorman for filling in.  Thanks to David Ward for helping with "cone duty".

Cultura 19 The Draft 5

As I have noted in previous posts; “sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.” Such was the case in the game between Cultura and The Draft where the bear –Cultura – took a big bite out of The Draft and pounded out a 19 to 5 win. To put it kindly, it was just not The Draft’s day, something we have all experienced over the course of a season. Unlike Tuesday’s debacle, Cultura came with their hitting shoes on and a stingy defense that was tighter than spandex on a 350 pound person. Cultura got off to a 15-0 lead in the first 3 innings and never looked back, limiting The Draft to 3 one run innings and 2 runs in another. Cultura which had a complete team of 15 players, all of whom contributed offensively, included a homerun by Mark Turnlund who just returned from vacation and hitting perfection by Harry P, Karen S, Paul T and Brian T. By beating The Draft, Cultura moved into sole possession of 4th place with a 9-9 record.  Defense for The Draft was not too shabby, featuring a couple of “circus” catches by Lou Chartz who has perfected the art of falling down while catching a fly ball in the outfield. Also, nice to see Steve Bartholomew back on the diamond after being on the IL.

Nucci's 22 Plotkin Group 18

Well Calavera field hasn't change with its nasty holes but at least the grass was cut compared to the game on Tuesday. Nucci's scored three runs in the first inning with PG scoring two runs.  Both teams were tied in the 5th inning 11-11 with some strong hitting from Pete Penseyres, Dave Koch, and Leigh Peterson all 4-5. Don Schempp 5-5 had some great plays at Rover. Dwayne stepped up to plate and hit five for five along with Marty Topper making some great catches in the outfield. Dave Ash had outstanding plays at shortstop, hit 4 for 5, and scored a home run in the 8th bringing in three runs.  Thanks to Sheree Atkinson for subbing today and bringing her bat hitting four for five!!

FOR PG:  Michiko Lischin took some hard hits at second base and had no problem fielding them.  Got a bad bruise on her thumb and we all hope she'll be okay. Steve D’Agostino was 5/5, Oscar “Dawg” Castillo was 5/6, and a Kevin Armentano home run. PG would like to Thank Bob Baptista (batting 4/5) and Phil Heinz (batting 4/6) for subbing.

A big shout out of Thanks to Jack Schwarzel for umpiring and to DAVE ASH AND DAVE KOCH for dragging and setting up the field.

Pizza Port 13 That Pizza Place 4

Manager Rony Lewis had an epiphany!! He had seldom used Vicki Asavalo pitch the first inning. She pitched a scoreless inning (keeping her season ERA to .000). Russ Roopanian and Hugh O'Neill combined to continue baffling the PP line-up. It was a great defense effort by PPB, headed by Bob Blakely, Gary McBride, Dennis Poulson, Eddie Gillette, Max Isbell and especially Frank Bravo. Russ Roopanian was 4 for 4, while Mike Weinrich was 3 for 3. Thanks to Gary Linder for subbing for Pizza Place.

Bye Team: Village Pie Shop

Tuesday September 17th

Plotkin Group 18 That Pizza Plce 17

A good "old fashion" hard fought game that unfortunately one team had to lose. TPP started off with a bang by putting up 5-runs in the top of 1st inning only to see PG scoring 5-runs in the bottom of the same frame.... from that point forward it was "GAME ON" for both teams. TPP led most of the way but lost that lead in the 7th. In the top of the 9th TPP was down by 3-runs and just as they did in the first inning TPP put up another 5-runs and grabbed a 2-run lead. The PG group answered with 3-runs at bottom of 9th to yank defeat from the jaws of death. Gotta admire the tenacity of both teams. For TPP - Wally Wallace was 5 for 5 with a home run, George Mahler went 4/4. Good at bats by Mike Martelli and Marlene Hill who each knocked out a home run. Jerry Nuanez went 3/4 with some solid line drives. As for the PG team, they were able to put up a "W" on the birthday of their substitute Manager. Happy Birthday to you whoever he is J.  Carlos Cevallos and Jon "the Mighty" Quinn each had a 4 for 4 performance. Jesse Jackson 4/5, Oscar "Dawg" Castillo and Rich Keefer each had a home run but the Killer Home Run in the bottom of the 9th came from Kevin Armentano 4/5 whose blast was a 3-run dinger to win the game. A big thank you to Barry Anderson for letting PG borrow a defensive player throughout the game and David Bosque for helping out TPP. By the way, great defensive line drive "snags" by David Bosque. And finally, let's not forget a special thank you goes to Rich Keefer for helping out the PG team with a great pitching performance, good defense and a home run "to boot". As I stated at the beginning - it indeed was a good "old fashion" hard fought game by both teams.

Pizza Port Brewery 23 Cultura 17

Calavera was it's usual "nasty" self. Bad hops all over the place and an uncut, wet outfield contributed to some gnarly fielding. The script was, get off to a fast start in the top of the first inning for PPB. Top 3 hitters last game were a combined 14 for 15. Not so fast, 3 up 3 down. YIKES!! Plan B. After giving up 3 runs to Cultura in the bottom of the first, PPB tallied 5, 5 and 4 runs, the next three innings, to keep the distance at "arms length", for the remainder of the game. A couple of highlight plays did occur. Dave Irwine robbing Al Galaviz of extra bases, and Rony Lewis making a long throw to Bob Peters, to nab a surprised Randy Benge. Max Isbell and Dennis Poulson led PPB with 4 hits each and Rony Lewis hit a monster home run. Benge was 5 for 5 and Bob Porter slammed one over the fence also. 

Nucci's 15 Carlsbad Inn 1

What?? Nucci's almost had a shut out today and played awesome with great defense and hitting.

Nucci's scored five runs in the first inning. Both teams were scoreless in the second inning but Nucci's came back in the third inning scoring four runs and a home run by Leigh Peterson.  Nucci's scored four more runs in the fifth and two in the 7th. Pitchers, Paul Shook and Lil Keehan  held CBI scoreless thru the eighth inning until Mitch Anderson hit a home run.

Dave Koch hit 4/4 Don Schempp 3/4 and Leigh was 3/3 with a home run. Steve, Marty, Greg and Barbie all hit 2/3.

Great job Team!!

Village Pie Shoppe 15 The Draft 7

The Draft held scoreless for the first five innings finally plated one in the sixth.  However, VPS had only scored 3 runs in that time as pitchers Pete Zavala (VPS) and Jimmie Martin (DR) effectively kept the game close.  VPS got some breathing room at 8-1 only to see the Draft bats finally wake up to come within one at 8-7.  However, VPS with home runs from Mark Forster, Phil Heinz and Gary Linder enabled them to pull away.  The first six hitters in VPS's lineup were 11 for 24 scoring 4 runs while the bottom six were 15 for 21 scoring 11 runs.  Ernie Martinez was 3 for 3 to lead The Draft.

Bye Team: Solana Spa


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