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In Memorial

Ron Cipriano

We are saddened by the news of the passing of Ron Cipriano. He was active in our league for a long time, and made positive impressions on many still in this league. This page is a tribute to Ron and our memories of him.

In Ron Cipriano's Name

As a tribute to Ron and all he has contributed to our softball league, NCSS has made a $50 contribution in Ron's name to the Alzheimer's Association. If you would also like to make a contribution in Ron's name, please click the icon below. Thank you for your consideration.


Harry Peacock

Memories of Ron. His hobby was woodworking and his garage was really a woodworking shop. Some of his stuff was pretty nice. 

Pete Huebner

Memories of Ron are many over 25 or so years. Always he gave a friendly greeting and
made the day better by his presence. His family can know that he is missed greatly
by his many friends at softball.

Gordon Cress

Ron was always upbeat and had a smile on his face. Really enjoyed playing with him for many years in the NCSS league.

Dick and Janet Wood

Such sad news to hear. To know him was to love him. He was the consummate gentleman on and off the softball field. Gentle, kind and always had a smile on his face. Loved and was very proud of his family. We will all dearly miss this wonderful man.

Lil keehan

Ron was a kind gentle soul. Always had a smile on his face and he loved to share candy with his teammates. I enjoyed playing softball with Ron and he will be missed.

Rest In Peace and my condolences to his family.

Eddie Gillette

I'm saddened about Ron's passing. When I entered the league, Ron was past his "prime", but he could still stroke the ball. I finally convinced Ron, to request a runner from the plate. Ron's ITALIAN PRIDE, balked at my suggestion, but he put team above his ego. He also had a "old worn out glove" that he lent me one day. Pretty sure I never missed a ball, with that glove!!!! Thank you Ron!! He slipped a way from the league, but I will always remember Ron's positive attitude, that exemplified what our league is all about. And too his daughters and grandchildren, who he proudly brought to many games, you had a special man in your lives:-)

Pablo Shook

"Got Pain" was managed by Ron when I first made the "show" (NCSS). Won 1 or 2 games that season followed by (May be?) 3 or 4 the next season on our home field @ Capistrano (dog park). Gunner Mike Lischin at 1st and his wife Michiko at 2nd.

Skip Moyer

I was sorry to hear of Ron's loss.  He played in the league during my first 8 years or so.  I know he was in it much longer.  I found this video on You Tube that John Wakeman had done on the Jack Estes Tournament at Lake Park in 2009, 10 years ago.  Ron is shown briefly at the 8:34 mark.  It is a very interesting video to watch. 



Don Farmer

Ron was a great team mate, always there for you.  Undoubtedly the slowest of foot, but the quickest with a kind word. 

RIP Ron. 

Oscar E Lara

 So sorry to hear of Ron’s passing. Teri and I send his family our deepest and heartfelt condolences!! Ron was always a positive teammate and a real gentleman. He enjoyed gardening and gave my wife a plant he called the scissor plant. Blossoms only once every year with a beautiful flower. Every year that we see this beautiful plant blossom we speak of Ron. RIP Ron !!! GBY!! 

Pete Penseyres

 Ron was more than a good friend and sometimes teammate at our games. He was also one of my daughter's favorite teachers, and he always asked me how she was doing. She even came to a couple of games when Ron was playing on my team or the opposing team. When it was the latter, she struggled with which team to root for!

Thanks to his family for sharing him with us in this League. We have nothing but great memories of him. 

Lou Chartz

Ron Cipriano was one of the first players I met when I started playing Senior Softball in 2003. It was a real privilege to get to know Ron and to be on his team, Rapid Transmission. Ron was a strong player...even though he might have lost a step or two in his later playing days. He would have appreciated the cones in the outfield that keep the fielders from playing in too close. He's talk about how tough it is to get a hit when you lose your power and the five outfielders come in on you.

Ron talked about playing a lot of basketball before he got involved in NCSS. I know he enjoyed his family life with Ginnie and the children and grandchildren. He'd talk about his woodworking hobby and mention that it was tougher getting new members to join the woodworking club. He was encouraged that our softball league seemed to be able to attract new players to keep it going.

Ron was a student of the game. Once when I was substituted out in the later innings "to ride the pines" for a couple of innings he joked with me that I better be careful or I'd end up like Wally Pipp after Lou Gehrig replaced him at first base for the Yankees. I reminded Ron that it's different in NCSS...they've got to play me...it's in the rules!

Ron will be missed by all that got to know him...a great guy with never a bad word to say about anyone. Rest in Peace, Ron. 

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